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About Publius Enigma



Publius Enigma is an unofficial, historical, and archival project focused on Pink Floyd's post-1983 work, including the solo efforts of Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Roger Waters since that year, with an additional focus on, and expansive view of, the studio and touring musicians associated with them. 

The Final Cut was the last Pink Floyd album to feature Roger Waters. It was released on March 21st, 1983. After Waters' departure, both Pink Floyd and its individual members (past and present) pursued a combination of projects.


Recognizing the foundation they were able to launch these post-1983 projects on, namely the strength of Pink Floyd's Waters and Syd Barrett eras, Publius Enigma seeks to collect, organize, analyze, and record historical details about the band after the release of The Final Cut for educational and archival purposes. 




Publius Enigma is a donated Wolf & King Media project under the direction of Ed Lopez-Reyes. Unless otherwise indicated, photography has been donated by Marie Lopez Photography and the artwork provided by Ahmed Emad Eldin, designer of the album cover for Pink Floyd's The Endless River. PF/E logo courtesy of Boris Plesa, of Doremiza.

Photo and Artwork above by Glassworks, Bluesky, and Ahmed Emad Eldin

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