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'The Floydian Style' Lecture Series to Launch on Zoom Next Month

The new, online lecture series, titled The Floydian Style will focus on "the evolution of Pink Floyd's music over the years," and will be hosted by Gilad Cohen, a faculty member at New Jersey's Ramapo College whose courses have included Shine On: The Music of Pink Floyd. Cohen spearheaded Princeton University's Pink Floyd: Sight, Sound, and Structure conference, headlined by James Guthrie, in 2014.

Sessions will be held once-a-week, live, on Zoom. The lectures will be interactive: participants can ask questions and suggest songs for discussion. The first session will take place on March 3rd, free of charge. You can access the free lecture, register, and see the itinerary at:

The live discussions will focus on "the way the music itself works," a departure from written work on the band's music or other YouTube videos that explore the band's catalog. The lecture series will serve those interested in song details, construction, and theory, it is aimed at professional and amateur musicians as well as music enthusiasts. "The first series will take place in March - April of 2021 and consist of 8 weekly live sessions, 80 minutes each, on Wednesdays, at 6:15pm EST (3:15pm PST). Video recordings of the sessions will also be available for two months (you can buy the series at any time, and receive recordings of the sessions you missed)."

For more information on Gilad Cohen, please visit For more information about the lecture series, visit


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