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Jon Carin: "Not sure if that’s of any interest to anyone, but there it is…"

Earlier this month, Jon Carin posted some background on the song Lost for Words on his Facebook page...

In recent years, producer and musician Jon Carin has shared a number of detailed accounts on how some of Pink Floyd's Gilmour era tracks came together. The posts continue to offer great insight on the creative process and the technical work that has gone into these. Even when Carin's posts are brief, they've been the catalyst to thought-provoking questions in the comments: Carin will often answer these with additional details and always in great humor.

On Lost for Words, Carin states:

"The way it was done was I laid down a demo by myself of the song on multitrack including the intro synths, drums, piano, harmonium, B3 organ, the distorted sampled electric guitar sustained sound in the middle sanction, etc. Then on top, the lead vocals and acoustic guitars were done, then the bass, then real drums, all superimposed on my demo."

You can read the rest of the post here. It's worth reading the discussion all the way through, for additional details.


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