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Jon Carin Debuts Solo Single: 'Fear of Everything'

Jon Carin has just released his first solo track, available on Spotify and YouTube, among other platforms. Considering the pre-amble to its release, the song is aptly titled, exceptionally well-crafted, and emotive:

On May 7th, Carin discussed the possibility of releasing solo work in a Facebook post: "I’m thinking of putting some music online (not video chatting, instructional master classes, poetry readings, salad dressing tutorials, pet grooming tips.... just music. Old School)." Carin added that this would involve "a few things," which he enumerated: "1) Me overcoming my inner abject terror of the entire concept. 2) You being at all interested in hearing music from me."

Carin posted the lyrics in a subsequent Facebook post, along with links to the track:

Laughter lost and forgotten The song the children sing Is pacified with the tears they’ve cried For fear of everything

Food for thought has gone rotten Rusting on the swing And the wind does blow through the sky's uncertain glow With fear of everything

You’ve got to be strong to survive here Big dreams are sometimes so crippling I dream of the sky when I’ve nothing to fly But fear of everything

God don’t live in the White House Or in the wallets we are worshipping The answers are there but we’re trained not to care For fear of everything

Fear of the misbegotten Fear of questioning Fear, pure and cold, for what the future will hold Fear of everything

Many a child will remember All the tears that we cried

Before releasing the track, Carin asked fans: "Waddya think?" Judging by comments on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the song was very well-received and stirred an appetite for much more. Stay tuned. Follow Carin at for updates.



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