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James Guthrie Recognized: dCS Legend

James Guthrie is recognized this year by dCS as one of its 'Legends' and just released an interview with him.

dCS' press release stated:

"Although producer and engineer James Guthrie has recorded a number of artists, he is best known for his seminal work with the legendary band Pink Floyd, who he’s been associated with for more than forty years. He is the only member of their production team to be awarded a GRAMMY for his contributions, which are considered an essential element of the band’s timeless sound."

The release was accompanied by the interview, which can be accessed here.

The dCS' (Data Conversion Systems) 'Legends' program "acknowledges recording, mixing and mastering greats who have brought all of us so much listening pleasure through great recorded sound." Visit the dCS Legends website for fuller details.



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