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Ian Ritchie Releases New Album

Ritchie, who has indicated he will no longer be on Roger Waters' This is Not a Drill Tour but will release new material and expects to perform his new work live

Ian Ritchie, saxophone player, producer, and composer, will be a releasing a new album, 'My Nine Lives'. The Roger Waters and Laurie Anderson alumnus stated:

"I have a new album out! It is only available on CD. For reasons I won't go into here I am no longer part of the This Is Not A Drill tour. The upside is I will have plenty of time to pursue playing my new album live. The first steps will be to reprise the Dollis Chill solo performances in live music venues and clubs around London."

Ritchie invites fans to follow his website for updates on live dates. You can visit the website here. You can order Ritchie's new album here.


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