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Charity Christmas Single Includes Pink Floyd and David Gilmour Alumni (by way of The Orb)

The Mighty Goodfellas' new holiday single, A Feel Good Christmas, is intended to help raise awareness of Wells Bring Hope, a non-profit that helps provide clean water sources in Niger, Africa. The band includes Pink Floyd alumnus Scott Page and The Orb's Tim Bran, who worked with David Gilmour on their 2010 collaboration, Metallic Spheres.

The band's press release states that "in 2020, a group of friends decided to create a feel good Christmas tune to share with the world - and to help bring clean water, in partnership with Wells Bring Hope, to the poorest country in Africa."

A Facebook post describes the men as "a group of friends from METAL International,"which is "a brotherhood of diverse Media, Entertainment, Technology, Artistry, and Leadership" individuals who share a "passion for personal growth, intellectual challenge, and social transformation."

This group, "spanning several cities and several countries, worked through the difficulties of our unique times to create this uplifting song and support Wells Bring Hope."

The effort includes a number of instrumentalists and a number of vocalists - "The Mighty Choir."

In addition to Page and Bran, musicians "on the track include James Golding (British recording artist), Chesney Hawkes (British singer-songwriter and #1 international hit selling artist), Kenny Aronoff (Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, John Fogerty, Sting), Freddie Ravel (Earth, Wind & Fire, Santana), and Steven Harms (singer - Los Angeles Opera and Disney's Frozen). Between the instrumentalist and vocalists, The Mighty Goodfellas comprise a team of over 40 men.

The track is available for purchase on Bandcamp (which features both a full version and a stripped down, remixed version) and available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. You can also see the video for the track on YouTube. For more information, please visit To visit the band's fundraising page at Wells Bring Hope, please visit All proceeds go to Wells Bring Hope. The full list of musicians is included below.


Drums: Kenny Aronoff Piano: Freddie Ravel Saxophone: Scott Page

Electric Guitar: James Golding

Electric Bass: James Golding

Synths, Keyboards, Programming: Tim Bran

Strings, Violins: Walter Caldas and Wagner Caldas (The B2wins)

Spanish Guitar: Brian Planas

Guitar Synth: Marc Wendt

Electric Guitar: Ed Lopez-Reyes

Acoustic Guitar/ Electric Guitar: Brad Chiet

Harmonica: Peter Golding


James Golding

Steven Harms

Chesney Hawkes

Nick Blake

Jared Day

Emmanuel Kelly

Mighty Paul Tu’ivai

Lanre Idewu (Ad Libs)


Thomas Norman

Issac Mizraki

Arnaud Saint Paul Neil Cannon

Keith Montgomery Michael E Hayworth Michael Lourdeaux Michael Pettingale Peter Golding

Marc Wendt

Andrew Cheeseman

Clay Banks

Lanre Idewu

Chris Mentzel

Alex Rotaru.

Ron Levy

Ed Lopez-Reyes


Executive Producers: James Golding, Mighty Paul Tu’ivai

Producer: Tim Bran

Production and Recording: Tim Bran, James Golding

Mixing and Mastering: Tim Bran

Assistant Engineer: Marc Wendt

Assistant Engineer, Mobile Recording: Nick Blake

“A Feel Good Christmas”

Music and Lyrics by James Golding

Additional lyrics: Steven Harms

Heroes of METAL Music Entertainment (HOMME)

A HOMME Production 2020


Director: Harry Karidis

Director: James Golding

Producer: Clay Banks

Producer: Steven Harms

Editor: Serge Martinenko

Assistant Editor: Austin Hutchison

Director of Photography: Halston Williams

Assistant Photography: Peter Starr

PA, Craft Service: Nabila Hassain

Interviews: Ron Levy

Wardrobe and Styling, Scarves: King James

Design and Branding: Eddy “SuperGlam’’ Pham

Marketing and Promotion: Ed Lopez -Reyes

Charity: Wells Bring Hope (

To donate please go to our Mighty Goodfellas fundraising page at Wells Bring Hope:

Heroes of METAL Music Entertainment (HOMME) A HOMME Production 2020



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